The other method for selling bitcoins on Paxful is to create an offer. This method takes three steps and lets sellers ensure they are dealing with verified users. More importantly, it helps sellers gain reputation points, leading to more purchase offers, better deals, and a higher likelihood of successful sales. The first paxful bitcoin review step is to choose the payment method accepted for bitcoins. Prospective bitcoin sellers have two alternatives when they want to trade their bitcoins for fiat currency. Users list how much they are willing to sell in fiat as well as their preferred payment method before reviewing offers made by potential buyers.

  1. When using Paxful, you need to be aware of common scams and check people’s reputation before trading with them.
  2. You are just a click away from getting your fees and account statement in PDF form.
  3. If you are looking for a fast way to buy and sell Bitcoin using a variety of payment methods, Paxful is ideal.
  4. This disparity between reports could result from increased queries during busy periods, but it remains something to consider before using the exchange.

You can purchase or trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or post your cryptocurrencies for sale. Yes, based on Paxful reviews, buying Bitcoin on the Paxful platform is safe and secure. The platform is known for keeping funds safe, abiding by anti-money laundering and KYC standards. According to Chain Analysis, used by popular governments and banks, this platform has been tagged as one of the safest crypto platforms in the crypto community.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Paxful?

This can take a while longer, but it is an assurance you will receive your cryptocurrency. Even beginners will find Paxful easy to use compared to different alternatives in the crypto market. By partnering with BitGo, a service provider synonymous with crypto wallet security, users can enjoy secure transactions worldwide.

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It says that a number of popular cryptocurrencies — including Solana, Cardano, and Polygon — are unregistered securities. This could impact the way these and other cryptos are traded in the U.S. As a crypto investor, make sure you understand how the SEC cases and proposed regulatory changes could impact your portfolio. A quality exchange for peer-to-peer crypto trading, but most investors will likely prefer the convenience and ease of use offered by centralized exchanges. Second, make sure your seller has enough reputation and has conducted enough trades in his past to avoid getting scammed.

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The only other currencies you can buy on the platform are Ethereum and Tether. Please I will like to know how to use my Apple pay to buy bitcoins from paxful.. Quickly buy and sell Bitcoin with this peer-to-peer marketplace. With a background in professional poker, George became interested in cryptocurrency after looking for potentially lucrative investment opportunities. He now spends a lot of time navigating through the wealth of misinformation on altcoins in order to decide which will be the next addition to his portfolio. Once you’ve initiated your purchase from your chosen seller, you’ll need to complete the steps shown on Paxful.

It’s worth mentioning that some trades can be concluded instantly while others might take longer, depending  on the payment method and whether the seller is online or not. Paxful also offers “Pay with Paxful”, a payment processing feature which can be added to websites. This allows merchants to accept any one of Paxful’s 300+ payment options via a Paxful widget on their website. The Paxful digital wallet is a convenient service not just because it allows keeping funds safe.

These rates will vary based on numerous factors such as your payment method, currency type, and order size. The offer section features a filter menu allowing users to search by asset, payment method, and target country. Furthermore, an infinite scroll has been added to this section to make it easy to search through offers to find the perfect vendor. This ranges from simple security features such as 2-factor authentication and complex passwords on all user wallets to broader measures. The Paxful fee structure can be complex as many payment options are involved.

Those are things you don’t need to worry about on crypto exchanges that process trades for you. Some people like peer-to-peer crypto trading more than buying through one of the big centralized exchanges. We should note, however, that peer-to-peer trading platforms also tend to attract more scammers. We do our best to keep on top of all the latest developments. However, please be aware that the fast-paced nature of the cryptocurrency world means there may be shifts in fees, specific services, and the numbers of available cryptos. Check out our list of the best cryptocurrency apps and exchanges for the most up-to-date information on the platforms we recommend.


Please do some good research about the current market price. Being a p2p marketplace, Paxful allows its users to buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely to other users. In this Paxful review we will research this marketplace, find out if it is safe to trade here and we will share our final score. At the end of the review you will find the space to leave your own experience with a rating of your choice.

Even so, while the company includes these security measures, there is still a chance that some sellers and buyers may attempt to act dishonestly. Paxful is a safe and easy to use peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform that uses Escrow service to protect buyers and sellers from scams. Moreover, the platform also offers a lot of other features, and in this Paxful review, we’d try covering as many of those features as we could. On this PayPal page, a list of available traders is presented.

You receive a 2 percent commission on all sales made through your kiosk. What started out as a modest Bitcoin trading service has become a major force in the development of a universal currency. Founders Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback saw an opportunity to deliver both a commercial service and social good through Bitcoin trading. Almost one-third of the world is still unbanked, but three-quarters have a mobile phones.

You will receive a verification code at your email address. Enter the code on the website in order to verify your account. Paxful being trusted as a payment solution by many businesses goes a long way in cementing the platform’s legitimacy. Furthermore, Paxful Pay provides another stable revenue source for the exchange, helping to ensure that it stays solvent during market downturns. You can use your Paxful referral link and share it with your friend’s circle.

Having said that, in most cases transactions go through smoothly thanks to Paxful’s intense moderation that clamps down on potential scammers. Paxful moderators will then investigate all the info, consider all the available details and finally make a decision to whom the bitcoins will be awarded.

Unlike other platforms where you will have to wait for a minimum of 3 days to get verified, this platform verifies your account within a short time. You can trade three cryptocurrencies on Paxful, i.e., Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Paxful is a legitimate company with millions of users, and BitGo secures the platform. Customers log in with their Paxful account to use Paxful Pay.

So, if you have read our Paxful review till the end, you now know what exactly this peer-to-peer crypto exchange is. The best part is that it offers a wide range of payment methods to choose from in order to start trading cryptos. Apart from that, other features like a free wallet, escrow security, and no commission fee make it even better.